[oi_vc_heading oi_title=”Fashion & T-Shirt PSD Mockup!” oi_title_size=”h2″ oi_title_color=”#000000″ oi_sub_title=”Based on professional photos” oi_sub_title_color=”#666666″ oi_border=”top” oi_border_w=”20px” oi_border_h=”3px” oi_border_c=”#dd9933″]

Fashion & T-Shirt PSD Mockup based on professional photos. Whether you’re starting a fashion brand or just enjoy designing clothes, these templates are perfect for you. You can easly edit the item color and use the smart layer to apply your designs. The high-resolution makes it easy to frame specific details with close-ups.o.

[oi_vc_heading oi_title=”Features:” oi_title_size=”h5″ oi_title_color=”#000000″ oi_sub_title=”” oi_sub_title_color=”#666666″ oi_border=”bottom” oi_border_w=”20px” oi_border_c=”#dd9933″]

– 10 PSD files
– 95 different items
– 2 Perspective views
– 4 Premade scenes ready for use
– Based on professional photos
– High resolution in 300 dpi
– Easy editing with smart objects
– Organizaed layers and folders
– All objects and shadows are separated
– Changeable background
– 10% discount promo code
– Help PDF file

[oi_vc_heading oi_title=”COLLI RIPANI COLLECTION” oi_title_size=”h2″ oi_title_color=”#ffffff” oi_sub_title=”To discover a place through its wine.” oi_sub_title_size=”h5″ oi_sub_title_color=”#ffffff” oi_align=”center” oi_border=”bottom” oi_border_c=”#cccccc” oi_icon_c=”#000000″]

This is what the Colli Ripani Collection, the brand’s most extensive range, recommends to those it meets along its path. It is a true journey, in every sense of the word.

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[oi_lb_image image=”1888″]